Data Privacy Statement

The statement below is in compliance with our statutory duty of information and is intended to inform you about data storage, types of data, their purpose and our identity. We also report on first-time transmission and the type of data transmitted.

1. Object of data privacy

Data privacy covers personal data.  This includes itemized information about personal or factual circumstances of a specific or specifiable natural person. Examples would be name, postal address, email address, but also usage data such as a computer's IP address.

2. Automatic, anonymous data collection, processing and use

We automatically collect, process or use non-personal information that your browser transmits to us (cookies).  This information includes:
- Browser type/ version,
- Operating system,
- Referrer URL (source of a link),
- IP address (host name of computer used),
- Time of server query

3. Personal data collection, processing and use
In principle the collection, processing or use of personal data is not required for use of the website.  We do not collect, process or use such data.

Data is only collected, processed or used, if you voluntarily provide your personal data. This can be required in the following cases:
(1) Registration
Prior registration is required in order to enter into a contract.  Personal data must be provided in this case. The following personal data is requested in this process:
- Last name, first name
- Address
- email address
- Phone number
- Age

(2) Forwarding to government institutions and authorities
We forward data to government institutions and authorities entitled to information only in the context of legal duties or due to a court decision.

(3) Advertising
We process or use personal data, provided it is listed or otherwise summarized data regarding members of a group of people, limited to the categorization of this customer in a group of persons, his designation of profession, industry or business, his name, title, academic level, address and year of birth, which is required for processing or use.  It is used:
- for advertising purposes for offers made by the centre responsible that has collected this data - with the exception of information on group classification ? from the customer, by establishing, executing or ending a legal or similar debt relationship or from universally accessible address, phone number, industry or similar directories.

(4) Data transfer abroad
In principle no data we collect is transferred abroad.

(5) Use of telemedia
We collect and use personal data to the extent required to enable use of telemedia (usage data).  Such usage data in particular includes identifying characteristics of the customer, information on the beginning, end and scope of the relevant usage and information on the telemedia utilized by the customer.

(6) Use of usage data for invoicing purposes
We use usage data regarding the end of the usage process, provided that this data is required to invoice the customer (invoicing data).  In this process we consolidate a customer?s usage data regarding the utilization of various telemedia to the extent required for invoicing. The service provider may block the data in order to comply with existing legal, statutory or contractual retention terms.

4. Minors
We are especially interested in ensuring the protection of personal data of children.  For this reason we do not knowingly undertake any collection, processing or use of data regarding minors, unless their guardians have given their approval in this respect. As soon as we become aware that minors are themselves entering personal data or personal data are being entered about such individuals without the appropriate approval, we shall immediately delete this data.

5. Right to information
The customer may at any time request information regarding data stored about him, including the origin of the data, the recipient or recipient categories to whom the data has been forwarded, as well as the purpose of such storage.

6. Deletion and blocking
We agree to delete personal data processed for our own purposes, as soon as it is no longer necessary for fulfilling the purpose of storage.  The data are blocked rather than deleted in the event that deletion contravenes legal, statutory or contractual retention terms or there are reasons to believe that the interests of the relevant individual requiring protection would be adversely affected by deletion or in the event that deletion is not possible, or is possible only at undue cost or with undue effort, due to the special conditions of storage.
Furthermore, you may at any time request that the data we have collected be blocked, corrected or deleted. Data are also deleted if you revoke your consent to collect, process or use personal data. If the revocation takes place during an ongoing business transaction, such deletion takes place immediately after the transaction has been completed.
Any additional legal deletion or blocking obligations shall remain unaffected by the above.

7. Technical and organizational measures
We agree to take such technical and organizational measures required to guarantee that data protection rules can be implemented, provided that the cost and effort thereof is commensurate with the intended purpose of protection.  We cannot completely guarantee full data security when communicating by email, so we recommend that confidential information be mailed.

8. Identity of the responsible centre
The responsible centre as defined in the data protection laws is 

Lankes Auktionen im Schloss GmbH
Am Schloss 1, 95182 Döhlau, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)9286 / 9505-0
Fax: +49 (0)9286 / 9505-40

9. Revocation
The customer may at any time revoke his consent to collect, process or use his data with future effect.  The revocation should be addressed to:

Lankes Auktionen im Schloss GmbH
Am Schloss 1, 95182 Döhlau, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)9286 / 9505-0
Fax: +49 (0)9286 / 9505-40