Important Informations

The catalogue is the admission ticket to the auction and entitles two persons to preview items and take part in the auction.

You must complete the registration form and provide proof of identity with an identity card to receive a bidder's number. A deposit of   ? 100 is also required.

By doing so you also acknowledge the Terms of Auction included in the notice and auction catalogue. If you cannot attend the auction in person, you have the option of submitting a written bid to the auction staff before bidding begins on the respective item or group of items.

The written bid must include your address, the catalogue number of the desired item(s) with the highest bid for each item and your signature.

Written bid form (PDF)

Cheque guarantee form (PDF)

Terms of Auction

Lankes does the bidding for you on your behalf, safeguarding your interests. This means the accepted bid could be your highest bid. You will receive an invoice if your bid is the accepted bid and, after payment has been made, the item will be delivered to you on your account if you have not arranged to pick it up yourself.

See the Terms of Auction for information on the respective surcharge to the accepted bid. Payment of the items purchased by auction in cash (euros) or with a certified bank cheque for vehicles. If your bid is the accepted bid for auctioned vehicles the invoice must be picked up at the desk before leaving the auction. A down payment of 20 % of the invoiced amount is required. For accessories and documents bought by auction, attending bidders must pay for and collect their item(s) on the day of the auction. This is also possible during the auction.

Vehicle pickup by arrangement

Take advantage of your right to preview items. Items purchased by auction cannot be returned!
We make no guarantee for the content of documents sold in bundles. This applies to both previewed and purchased items.